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Your Fave Is Problematic

Jan 8, 2021

Long time no see! In this very special bonus episode straight from our Patreon where we just dunk on Ronald Reagan for an hour. Kristen bring receipts, Liz drinks beer. Plus an announcement about the future of the podcast! (It's good news, we promise.)

Jan 19, 2020

Happy 2020, y'all! We're gearing up for a new year filled with new mess and problematic figures. In the meantime, we have a mini-episode to whet your appetite! This week we discuss four current events: the Warren/Sanders schism, #Oscarsstillsodamnwhite, Stephen King and his scarily ignorant tweet, and Megxit. 


Nov 14, 2019

We're headed into election series here in the US, and what better way to celebrate than with the 1999 film Election? How do we parse a film where we're supposed to recognize the people are flawed while still engaging with them? Why is Mr. M literally the worst teacher ever? We'll explore these things and more! Plus...

Nov 7, 2019

What's you damage, Heather? It's time to dive in to the 80s dark comedy Heathers! So just how does a movie about killing your classmates and attempting to blow up your school hold up in 2019? Find out! Plus we discuss Emma Watson's use of the word "self-partnered" to describe her current relationship status.


Oct 17, 2019

It's time for the spooky episodes once again, and this week we're getting back to a classic horror film- The Nightmare On Elm Street! How does this movie hold up, including on classic horror tropes like killing the slut? We also discuss the ongoing Boycott Blizzard movement happening on social media right now.